As I sit amidst a blizzard in February, I’m taking comfort in focusing on the coming Spring and find myself truly ready to Welcome Warmth.  Every Fall I’m excited to start wearing my boots and sweaters, but by this time of year I’m longing for a beach vacation and wishing the seasons would change already!!!

I’ve taken in a lot of Spring’s offerings by catalogs, shops, magazines, and online inspirations… There’s much to be excited about and as always, a few trend curve balls.  My first Do is – invest in a hard working but feminine casual dress like this lovely gray one from Modcloth.  It’s out of stock now, but baby, you can bet I’m on the restock list – it’s perfect!!!

Here are my Do’s & Don’ts for Spring 2012…

Do continue to wear tights, opting for sheer pastel colors as the days get warmer.  I say Don’t do the socks with heels/wedges/clogs thing and if you choose to, you better SELL IT SISTER!  Not everyone can pull this off and I don’t recommend it unless you are a twig… let’s leave this look on the runway where it started in 2011.

And please, I can barely mention them and putting a photo of them on my blog is killing me… DON’T do acid wash jeans.  To my horror, these are currently for sale.  AT MACY’S.  Noooooo!!!!  If I have to tell you why, you really need me – call me right now.








DO buy some bright, well tailored pants like the Bennet chino from J.Crew.  These will brighten up your wardrobe and can be paired with anything from a favorite flowy top and flats to a tucked in denim shirt and wedges.

Following the neon trend is somewhat okay with me – as long as it’s done with taste.  Referencing the 80′s and recreating the 80′s are two VERY different things.  Gentle referencing, please.  I advise that you purchase one trendy neon item in your favorite color – you’ll be much more likely to put it to good use long after the trend dies out.  My favorite color is green and I love this bright pullover from Anthropologie… I can see it layered over a white button down with jeans, or under a chambray blazer with cropped black pants.

Adding this lovely, unique and trendy-but-classic necklace to the gray dress above or even with a simple white tee would show that you know the trends but you also know how to stay true to yourself…

If you don’t own a pretty pleated skirt, now is the time to invest in one.  A skirt like this may seem like a special event item to some, but the more you play with it, the more you’ll see that it can be paired with your favorite T, worn with a button down and belted, layered with a different colored slip for fun, and worn with just about any shoe.  A whimsical skirt like this makes creating juxtapositions with your clothes easy and chic.  Add a black T and black booties and you’re instantly a beautiful bad ass.

What to wear this Spring with your cropped jeans, perfect dresses and sweet skirts?  You’ll need to find your perfect shoe.  This one is mine for these reasons – I prefer a heel to have a platform for comfort, and the heel needs to be thick for stability.  I love multicolored shoes, but I always stick with neutrals to get the most for my money.  These are also Naturalizers, so I know I’ll be able to run after my kids in them!  Know your preferences before you buy – you’ll avoid having the pain of a shoe that is only making your closet prettier!

And my parting Don’t… Floral pants.  Unless you are an uber hip, uber skinny college girl, or a great aunt, please let this trend go unnoticed and unpurchased!  Here’s what I’m talkin’ about…

God help us, right?!

My parting words  - don’t be afraid to brighten up your wardrobe, just do it with subtle touches here and there.  Let some whimsy in, stay classic, and call me if you want a partner in crime!

Love, Jill