Meet Helen, my lovely dress form.  We had a great time with client, Julia Waneka of Fresh Ideas Group (FIG) in Boulder, going through her wardrobe, trying things on, and creating new, stylish looks.

Julia needed her clothes to go from “college student” to “working woman”.  Piece by piece, we discussed her clothing, what it can offer, and how to rework it.  I had so much fun with her as we took her wardrobe to a more sophisticated place using accessories and updated styling.  She is going to be wearing some great outfits!!!

Some feedback from Julia…

“Thanks so much for coming over this morning! I had a lot of fun going through my closet and seeing “new” outfits and getting some fun ideas. I’m totally inspired and think I can look like I know what I’m doing now.  I love Jill Carter.  Who knew I had wearable clothes in my very own closet?  I’m all set to look like a fab grown up and not a college student!”

Helen and I would love to come and visit your closet, so give us a call!