Dear friends,

Do you know the power of vintage?  Oh, where do I start???  The power is it’s ONE OF A KIND.  If you are planning on dressing for an event or party, getting your cute bod into a vintage dress is the best way to insure that you are not wearing the same Ann Taylor as your bosses wife.  My new BFF in NYC, Suzy Simpson, is a genius at finding perfect pieces on ebay.  She has a fabulous blog that you can enjoy here:  She recently sent me a wonderful display of party dresses that she had found on ebay in my style and size.  If I had a party to go to, I would have been bidding up a storm!!!  I am currently in talks with her to start a dress finding service, she’s got the gift!

Here, I have posted pics of my current vintage wishlist items…  A vintage fur and vintage Chanel sunglasses.  Oh girls, I’m dying!  -Jill